Ethical Culture in Business

Mike trained as an accountant, and then worked in small businesses in Oxford for a few years, where he experienced the impact that different types of businesses had on the lives of their staff.

He noticed that while many were excited and enthusiastic about their job, often the methods of management held people back. Staff were trapped by the need to receive the salary that the job provided, and the managers could take advantage of that. If managers were not going to change their attitude, then it seemed the only way out of this dependency culture was to become self employed.

Mike jumped at the chance offered to him by his father to join the family commercial property business. At this time the poultry farm had been converted to workshops for small businesses, and there was opportunity for growth.

Mike then built the business as a community based around the business park, where respect for other would become as important as trust and integrity. Profit then became an outcome rather than an objective.

Having accompliched the task, and built a strong team who understand his methods, Mike decided to pass the reins on to his team so that he could spend more time explaining his model, and helping others to develop success by focussing on people rather than profit.



Having worked in the professional, corporate and enterprise sectors, and experience of the public sector, Mike has a good knowledge of how people behave in various cultures.
He has been captivated by the independence acquired through self employment, which can be in stark contrast to the control felt in other sectors.
It is no surprise that so many choose to work for themselves.
It is a cry for freedom.
Mikes writing of Articles and Books reflect his understanding of how entrepreneurs think differently.
He is also able to speak at events, and to inspire teams to better, more motivated and more committed performance.

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