Cultural Change

Have you noticed that business culture is changing?
Have you seen that young people especially are driven differently. Many of them are dismissing opportunities to work for large profit orientated businesses, and instead wanting to work for organisations that do good in our world.
Being proud of what you do is becoming as important as salary. The more socially minded businesses are starting to get the most committed applicants.
As larger businesses are recognising this change, they are self promoting new policies, such as Corporate Social Responsibility initiatives. Adverts speak of values rather than what they sell.

And have you noticed how inauthentic it all feels?

Mike has found a way to bring authenticity into the workplace. Values are an agreed set of behaviours which serve to build the team, and a clear Purpose gives direction, and a basis for decision making. These parameters must be integral to the owner of the business, and s/he must be confident enough to communicate them.

There is a detailed explanation in his book – Valuable. And under ‘Services‘ you can find out where you can experience this emerging culture for yourself.

Please get in contact if you feel we can help you develop a similar culture in your own business.

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The Valuable Book

Valuable is a full explanation of how Mike introduced and, with the help of his team, and the support of his family, developed a thriving culture based on family values, such as fairness and trust. This is a culture which:

  • Puts people first, meaning treating others with respect
  • Puts purpose before profit, meaning there is a better way to make decisions
  • Understands the need for long term financial sustainability is more important than the base desire for short term profit maximisation.
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