Here is a list of Recommended Books

These books are all about leadership in its various forms. Most are stories and all are full of wisdom about leading a full life.

Autobiography of a Yogi by Paramahansa Yogananda

This book is amazing. Full of wisdom, and yet an easy read as it is the story of a life of dedication. PY finds his master (or mentor) and then finds his Purpose in life. He meets false prophets on his journey, and he uncovers the mystery of the ego. He shows how fulfilment comes from a life of humility, and not through pursuing monetary gain. Lessons here for business owners.

The Leader who has No Title by Robin Sharma

Sharma is a great storyteller who speaks about the leader as a servant, leadership as a way of life, and that everyone can be a leader. Authentic leadership is about taking responsibility, and not about taking power or position. This book is the story of a desolate man who has given up on life, and the mentor who introduces him to various leaders who teach him lessons in leadership.

Setting The Table by Danny Meyer

Danny is an entrepreneur who has opened several restaurants in New York, each innovative and designed for the area. His easy to read story is well written, interesting, full of wisdom about leadership for everyone, and in an industry where reputation builds slowly and can be destroyed easily. His story about kicking out a wealthy, but abusive and arrogant customer is particularly heartening.

Maverick by Ricardo Semler

Ricardo was born into an industrialist family in Sao Paulo in Brazil. His family wealth in comparison to most of the country disturbed him, and he set about changing the basis of his business to bring about equality. This book is his story, and is full of interesting ideas from his own experiences. If you have some time check out some quotes accredited to Ricardo, such as "If you are giving back, you took too much", or "People have a resevoir of talent worth discovering. They just have to be given the opportunity to discover it themselves".

The Big Five for Life by John Strelecky

This is a must read for any authentic leader who recognises that success is a shared journey, not a competitive one. Another easy story to read, and full of ancient wisdom. The responsibility of a business is to create an environment where everyone can thrive. This book shows how that is possible. A true leader needs only to create that environment, and then stand back and admire what his people are capable of doing. This is servant leadership at its best.

Veronika Decides to Die by Paulo Coehlo

Coehlo is one of our best storytellers. This picture is a still from the film. Veronika decides her life is boring, and she has no will to live. She survives a suicide attempt and wakes in an asylum where she discovers the true meaning of life, and that those we think of as abnormal, are really the normal ones. It is a metaphor for how life enslaves us, if we allow it. Most of us spend our time searching for something better, whereas real life is here and now. Real life is a daily choice between life and death.

Man's Search for Meaning by Victor Frankl

What is the meaning of life? In this book Frankl describes his emotional journey of surviving a Nazi concentration camp, and what he has learnt about life. Meaning gives us hope and, no matter how difficult the circumstances, the will to survive. Meaning can be found in love, in creation, and even in suffering. This is another easy book to read, and autobiography first with a smaller section on psychotherapy which is both readable and interesting. And it is full of brilliant comments, such as the quote in the picture.

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Tribes by Seth Godin

Everybody has the opportunity to lead. We need you to lead. Have courage, people will follow, create a tribe. Reject mediocrity. Dare to be you. Stop sheepwalking. If you have a passion for what you do, and the drive to make it happen, there is a tribe of fellow customers, employees, investors or readers just waiting for you to connect them with each other and lead them where they want to go.

Invisible Leadership by Robert Rabbin

The first book I have ever felt the need to read twice over. "Our world needs invisible leaders who are seen only as beauty where beauty is, as kindness where kindness is, as joy where joy is, as truth where truth is, as awareness where awareness is, as life where life is". "We must know our essence, which loves without demand, lives without fear, serves without exception".

The Go-Giver Leader by Bob Burg and John Mann

This is a very readable story of how a corporate man learns a different approach to business when he is sent to buy up a 'failing' organisation. He begins with a clear direct approach but he ends up accepting that the people orientated approach is a much better way of doing business. Failure to buy the business for his masters turns into success. Giving in to the flow allows him to be accepted as the new owner.

Outwitting the Devil by Napoleon Hill

This story by the famous Napoleon Hill remained unpublished for over 70 years. The main text is a candid interview with the Devil, where he explains how he influences people. He explains that people are either 'decisive' or 'drifters'. Decisive people know what they want from life, they have purpose and get on with it. Drifters get into a 'hypnotic rythmn' of life, where they don't have to think for themselves. The devil has influence over the drifters. This is a very readable story with deep understadning about how to get the most out of life.

The Economics of Revolution by David McGraw

This short book is not for the faint hearted. It describes the hidden extent of poverty in the US (the same principles apply to the UK), and the way that happened and is maintained by the super-wealthy. It describes how we are duped by corporate controlled media, and the corporate controlled bi-party system where real issues around wealth distribution and poverty are never debated, or even mentioned. As the bulk of us get further into debt the super wealthy get richer. "As John Kennedy said 'Those who make peaceful revolution impossible, make violent revolution inevitable'" The book ends with - "Revolution is coming, one way or the other". As I said.....not for the faint hearted, but this book is for those who want to escape the mind-prison we have become comfortable with.

The Anatomy of Peace by The Arbinger Institute

The solution to all our conflicts with others lies within ourselves. This book shows you how to have inner peace, and spread that out. It takes place in a drug and alcohol detox unit in America. The counsellors know that the parents want to help, but they do that by control, pressure, and trying to fix their children. The counsellors show the parents that they simply need to be at peace with their children and allow them to find their own solution. And then they show the parents how to use the learning to resolve other conflicts in their lives. A must read book for anyone who wants to understand why they do not get on with people.

What Zizi gave Honeyboy

Gerald Celente, the Trends Forecaster from New York tells the story of America. In this gentle book which evokes his childhood memories being brought up in an Italian family with family values, he talks about hi smany meetings with his aging aunt, the sole survivor of an age when Italian immigrants first came to the US. What unfolds is a description of many facets of life that are now missing in our fast paced, self serving world. In a sense this book laments the values that are all but lost in todays society. Zizi is fearless in her condemnation of all things that cross her values boundary, and she is an example to us all.

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