What we can do for you

Below is a list of services offered either by Mike or the Jennings team. We all operate following the same culture of integrity that is fully explained in the Valuable book


Mike is a speaker on all things to do with building relationships in business. He speaks with honesty and openness, using examples from his own experiences to get his message across. You can book him by filling in the contact form.

Team Development

The secret for team development is in understanding what each team member​ wants from their life and role. To do this the leader has to be humble enough and non-judgemental enough to allow team members to be independent. Click the pic to get in contact if you would like to chat about this

Valuable Book

In this book Mike describes the story of how he developed a structured ethical culture at his own family business. It is a template that others in business could choose to follow.
Mike ends with a discussion of how he sees business culture changing in the future.

Reading List

If you are interested in Leadership over Management, Spiritual living over Religion, or Entrepreneurship over Employment, then take a look at a few books that Mike recommends, each with his review

Business Mentoring

We provide free mentoring in the Oxfordshire area. Our mentors are all business owners, and we focus on listening with understanding. By sharing our experiences we can help the client to work out their own way forward. Anxiety and emotional loneliness are common for business owners. Our mentors understand that, and in a trusting, confidential, non-judgemental face to face meeting you will find common ground, a shared journey, and new ideas for resolving your issues.

Business Units and Offices

Our exceptional team of about 15 people follow our values and will be delighted to help you find space for your business. We make it as easy as possible for you. For example our rental contracts give you the freedom to stay as long as you want, and leave at short notice if you need to. Most of our tenants stay, and many have been with us over 30 years. They feel at home, as we hope you will too.

Meeting Rooms

Fair value meeting rooms of all sizes with friendly service from our reception team at Hampden House, Monument Park, Chalgrove. More information by clicking the link on the picture

Events on the Park

We put on over thirty events a year. They may be networking events, business seminars, community events, or charitable events. Whatever they are everyone is welcome, and made to feel welcome. We love helping people to mingle, and especially those new to events like these.

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